Bamboo Straws - Set of 10

Bamboo Straws - Set of 10

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These alternative straws are the only 100% from-nature option in drinking straws! They are handmade from whole bamboo.

You will never feel guilt over a straw ever again!

Environmentally friendly, perfect for your morning milkshake or juice cleanse routine, these bamboo straws are amazing! Totally reusable so you won't be hurting the environment! You can use them over and over again for years! When you do need to replace them, they are biodegradable. 

Washing instructions are included in each order. Simply shake in a jar of soapy water, rinse clean and leave to dry. Once a month for a thorough clean, boil a pot of vinegar-water mix. Once the water begins to boil, put the straws in and leave to soak for 15 minutes. Then leave to dry.

Discounts for bulk order - if you're an environmentally conscious restaurant you should look into this! We can definitely work out a wholesale price. Send me a personal message if you have any concerns or questions - I'm here to help! :)

15 cm, 20 cm 22 cm available - choose the correct option.
Includes 10 Straws, Cloth Bag, Cleaning Tool